Monday, December 5, 2011

Podcast Update

Ever wondered how many of your fellow test-takers are using the Tyrannosaurus Prep vocab podcast? Oh, I see, you of course assumed that everyone with an internet connection was availing themselves of such an awesome resource. While that is a slight overestimate here are some stats on usage along with some user feedback...

87,338 all time episode downloads
42 5-star ratings (out of 45 total ratings)

Best GRE prep I have found! When I come across one of the words from your review, I clearly remember the definition because the story/sentence is easy to remember.
SSG Archer, 12/30/2010

Super helpful! I'm studying for the GRE and I love it!
kelseybear22, 8/31/2010

In my opinion, this is the best GRE vocabulary podcast available.
Nicholas Adams, 1/29/2011

This has been extremely helpful! Great job, and please create more!
TreyJags, 10/7/2011

To see what all the fuss is about, search iTunes for Advanced GRE & SAT Vocabulary Podcast. Each episode features a pair or handful of words, sometimes tied together by a theme to help you memorize them. The podcast has been feeling lonely and abandoned lately due to a lack of new episodes. This will be remedied shortly so keep checking back to add more ammo to your test-day arsenal.


  1. New podcasts please! Im lovin' them.

  2. What ever happened to your podcasts?? It's the only resource I've used that has actually helped me! Bring them back please!